Beetroot juice may boost health via changes in oral bacteria

How Beetroot Juice May Boost Health via Changes in Oral Bacteria.

Joe Brown


April 17, 2021

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Oral bacteria play an important role in converting inorganic nitrate into nitric oxide. It is an essential element for cardiac health and immunity.

The latest research found that consuming beetroot juice with plentiful nitric oxide increases the growth of oral bacteria. These bacteria help in turning down age-related depreciation related to cardiovascular disorders.

Medical news showed a new study conducted by the University of Exeter. During the test, 26 healthy old aged people participated in 10 days supplementation period twice. In the first part of the test, they were asked to drink beetroot juice, and in the second part, they were required to drink nitrate-free placebo juice twice a day. The results concluded that beetroot juice promoted oral bacteria growth with better vascular and cognitive health. In contrast, placebo juice contributed to developing a lower level of bacteria and enforced disease and inflammation. Systolic blood pressure also dropped 5 points. The other research findings suggested that implementing beetroot juice in a daily diet can positively change the oral microbiome. The benefits of long-term growth of healthy oral bacteria slowdowns the negative changes in cardiovascular health. A health question that often hits our mind is what causes can occur due to excessive use of beetroot juice.

Bacteria Clusters

The researchers identified two distinct bacteria clusters present in the mouths of the individuals who consumed beetroot juice. These clusters started to multiple in the same month and also improved the blood pressure and mental condition.

Prof. Vanhatalo emphasized further studying the impact of these results on the other groups. The objected individuals for the research were healthy older adults. Nitrate lowered their BP and improved their health. Now the researchers were interested in finding out whether they found the same results in other age groups and people with poor health status.

Benefits of Beetroot Juice

Various health-related platforms, including, have already proposed many benefits of taking beetroot juice. Some of these benefits are the following:

Good nutritional profile

Maintains blood pressure

Reduces inflammation

Protects anemia

Better liver protection

Uplift athletic performance

Side Effects

Several health questions arise about the use of beetroot juice. Doctors near me suggest that excess intake of everything is poison.

Changes the color of urine and feces

People with low blood pressure can suffer due to high nitrates

A high level of oxalates can lead to kidney stones

Nutrition Facts

Beetroot juice adds the following nutrients and vitamins to our diet:

Percentage of an adult's daily requirement

Vitamin C


Vitamin A

0.3% for males, and 0.39% for females




7.83% for males and 10.97% for females



Nitrates Prebiotics Can Improve Oral Health

Research in the Valencia region has found that prebiotics can prevent cavities and tooth decay. It has been proved that when the nitrates present in vegetables combine with the oral bacteria, it becomes more effective against oral disorders. Nitrates counterbalance the acids that produce cavities and can cause gum bleeding.

When we eat vegetables, our body converts nitrate into nitrite through oral bacteria, which our body is deprived of producing. Nitrite doesn't not only enhance oral health but also reduces blood pressure and ultimately has a very positive impact on overall well-being.

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