How often to work out for health, strength, and weight loss
The Ultimate Guide to How Often to Work Out for Health, Fitness and Weight Loss

Joe Brown

Editor, doctormagazine.com

April 17, 2021

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The intensity and period of workout depend on each individual’s fitness goal. Workouts for health, strength, and weight loss are different. Exercise has numerous benefits. It plays a significant role in maintaining the health and weight of a person.

It is better to approach a doctor before starting any kind of workout so that one could safely perform exercises and know the risk of injuries.

How Often to Work out for Weight Loss?

Working out is important for one's health, strength, well-being, and also weight loss. Work out is responsible for your health by burning all the unnecessary components we get from our food, which are not needed or harmful to us. It strengthens our muscles and gives us endurance, stamina, and shape. When working out, one feels light and a sense of well-being. Also, after working out, he can have a very relaxing and calm sleep. For the ones who want to lose weight, working out along with the right diet is the most essential and necessary thing to do.

The health question that how often one should be working out depends on his goals and what he wants. Taking weight loss as his goal, he should get some calculations straight about how much he weighs now, how much calories and fats he consumes, and how much he wants to lose.

He should reconsider his calorie intake and burn more than he is consuming. He should increase his physical activities and eat a balanced and healthy diet to burn more calories. He can consult a doctor or a gym professional to guide the best workouts and balance, and health.

Doctormagazine.com mentioned that as beginner, you could start at least three times a day with mild exercises like walking, jogging, cycling, etc.

After a month or so, whenever you feel like your body needs more intensity than this, make the times 4 - 5 instead of 3 and involve more intense training courses like weight training, interval training, and pilates workouts. You need to keep the diet maintained and balanced to enjoy the best results.

Taking muscle strength as an objective for a workout is a question asked by a huge audience wondering how often they should be working out for muscle strength gain and muscular endurance.

Work out plays the most vital role regarding the aspect of strength gain. Diet is also an important factor but working out is the major one.

Strength Gain

There are numerous ways a person can follow to build muscle and strength gain through weight lifting.

Below mentioned are some of the muscle-building training sessions:

High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) is a cardiovascular exercise that varies from short periods of intense workout to low-intensity recovery.

These exercises are for about 15-30 mins.

Through these exercises, a person can gain muscle mass in a short period without spending long hours at the gym.

Medical news discovered that if a person targets a muscle group weekly and works for ten sets of 0-12 repetitions will experience the greatest mass gain.

A person can gain muscle mass shortly in two ways:

  • Adopting full-body exercise every day
  • Targeting one muscle group per day


American Heart Association (AHA) has recommended some physical activity for health maintenance according to people's age group in America.

Adults aged 18 and above are advised to perform exercises related to heart-pumping moderate-intensity workouts for at least 75-150 minutes per week.

Children: For children aged 3-5, AHA recommends that this age group remain active the whole day. Kids aged 6-17 should be involved in cardiovascular exercises for at least 60 minutes each day.


Lastly, don’t forget that It is more important to stick with a workout regimen. Different Studies suggest that muscle-strengthening exercise programs might take 6–10 weeks in showing the actual results.

Follow a workout plan that is challenging enough to make a difference, and also, it should be accompanied by a healthful and well-balanced diet.

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